Growing Together at Greenfield

Growing Together at Greenfield

It has been more than a year since we introduced our enhanced brand for Greenfield, and I’m thrilled with the new and exciting things that are happening. Yes, the logo has changed, and the entrance signs are new. But much more than that, the tenants, residents, and students of our community are engaged in sustaining activities that support better living and health.

Our mission is to be a Center for Community, a place where we pursue a wholesome life, one that’s healthy, active, reflective, natural, ethical, and connected. That has truly taken root and people are realizing the benefits. They’re following our rolling calendar to be part of what’s happening.

    1. Social networking events for people to build relationships and get to know their neighbors.

      Activities in Greenfield

      Oktoberfest Mixer at The S. Dale High Leadership Center, catered by Isaac’s at Greenfield, provides tenants and residents the opportunity to connect in a casual setting.

      Morning Joe Mondays held several times a month.

      Free coffee! Morning Joe Monday is held several times a month from 7 – 9 am and offers tenants, residents, and students a complimentary coffee to start the day off right.

    2. Learning and mentoring programs on health and nutrition, safety, leadership, and more.

      Informative topics for personal growth in Greenfield

      In seminars such as "Greenfield Grows, Socially Responsible Business Practices" facilitated by Kedren Crosby of Work Wisdom attendees learn key takeaways that companies and individuals can take that help shift their practices in ways that benefit people, the planet, and profit.

    3. Community supportive events

      Like-minded nonprofit organizations meet in Greenfield

      ExtraGive Lunch & Happy Hour celebrate Lancaster's single biggest day of giving, provide opportunities for donation, and connect you with the nonprofits in Greenfield.

    4. Health & Well-Being – blood drives, low-intensity yoga classes, vaccine clinics, virtual wellness programs, and more.

      Tenants, residents, and guests take yoga and other classes in Greenfield

      Beginner’s yoga class with Leah Margerum from Willow Yoga focuses on flexibility, strength, and balance through breath and slow movements.

And that’s just the beginning. We’re listening to community feedback and adding new activities and events that people want and care about. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of my job, and I look forward to it every day.

Here’s something that’s important to our company and to me personally: if you haven’t done so already, get vaccinated! We’ve partnered with CNS Occupational Medicine to offer FREE COVID-19 and flu vaccines to all High co-workers, Greenfield tenants, residents, students, AND families.

High cares about people and about making our corner of the world a better place than it was when we found it. It’s part of The High Philosophy, which is important to me because it aligns with my own values. As someone who loves Lancaster, making Greenfield into an even greater community asset is a role I am passionate about.

- Ashley Garcia

Ashley Garcia marketing specialist for Greenfield

Ashley Garcia is the Marketing and Event Specialist for Greenfield, our mixed-use, community-oriented hub for business and life in Lancaster. She coordinates and oversees the activities that bring our community together in an environment that helps individuals and teams thrive and reach their fullest potential.