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Media requests: Corporate Marketing and Communications 717.293.4444

High Companies

A Higher Purpose

S. Dale High has emboldened High Foundation through an extraordinary act of business leadership and philanthropic innovation that will benefit our community for generations to come. 


High Industries Inc.

High Steel Structures LLC

High Concrete Group LLC

High Steel Service Center LLC

High Transit LLC

High Structural Erectors LLC

High Construction Company

Greenfield Architects Ltd.

High Real Estate Group LLC

High Real Estate Group LLC

High Associates Ltd.

High Hotels Ltd.



Prior approval by High is required. Requests should be received by Corporate Marketing and Communications at least 48 hours in advance. Members of the media must be accompanied by a High representative at all times.

Industrial properties: media, agencies, and other vendors are required to:

  • Wear PPE including hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe shoes
  • Be accompanied by a High employee
  • Observe painted lines and posted warnings
  • Not interfere with any work activities or interrupt co-workers doing their jobs



Interviews may be scheduled through Corporate Marketing and Communications with at least 48-hours notice.



Please refer to the organization in news copy as follows:

First mention – the High companies
Subsequent mentions – High

First mention – High Steel Structures LLC
Subsequent mentions – High Steel

First mention – High Transit LLC
Subsequent mentions – High Transit

First mention – High Structural Erectors LLC
Subsequent mentions – High Structural Erectors

First mention – High Steel Service Center LLC
Subsequent mentions – High Steel Service Center

First mention – High Concrete Group LLC
Subsequent mentions – High Concrete

First mention – High Construction Company
Subsequent mentions – High Construction

First mention – Greenfield Architects Ltd.
Subsequent mentions – Greenfield Architects

First mention – High Real Estate Group LLC
Subsequent mentions – High Real Estate

First mention – High Associates Ltd.
Subsequent mentions – High Associates

First mention – High Hotels Ltd.
Subsequent mentions – High Hotels