High Company

We Work On 12 to 20 Projects at a Time

I have worked for High for 20 years. I'm part of a company that's rebuilding America's infrastructure.

As a project manager, I am the single point of contact for a project. After the contract, I will
follow it through design, estimating, engineering, purchasing, fabrication, quality control,
and transit.

The majority of the time I'm in the office. I do job site visits. I do go out onto the shop
floor when projects are running to monitor them.

Normally with project management, we're working on anywhere between 12 to 20 at a time. I work on all bridgework and I also take care of structural steel.

What I like most about working for High is the opportunity they've given me to better myself and work up through the company starting as a welder moving into management up into sales, into project management.

- Jeff W.