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Our 100-Year Vision

Our 100-Year Vision

The following is an excerpt from a from a speech delivered by Gregory A. High to the High® companies management teams on behalf of The High Family Council:

We recently celebrated our company’s 75th anniversary and look forward to its 100-year anniversary in 2031. We know that surviving and thriving in the current economic environment is an incredible challenge for any business; however, this organization is used to overcoming challenges. In fact, you might say it is a part of our DNA. Overcoming challenges started on a cold January day back in 1931 when my grandfather opened the doors of his newly acquired welding shop in downtown, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, during the Great Depression. Clearly this was a difficult time in our nation’s history, but with a strong work ethic, a great team of co-workers, a foundation of trust, an eye on innovation, and a desire to provide quality, service, and value to customers, my grandfather made it work.

My grandfather, followed by my father and uncle and a great team of co-workers, stayed focused on the long-term future of the company and considered how it could continue to make a positive impact on its co-workers, customers and the communities in which it did business. That long-term vision continues today with members of the second and third generations of the High Family. So, while Wall Street analysts are routinely looking at the next quarter, our family-owned business is looking at the next year and the next 100 years. We carefully consider such key issues as effective transition from one generation of owners and managers to the next, our corporate culture and the role individuals play in the success of this organization. We hold a deep sense of appreciation for the contributions and hard work of current and prior generations—especially for our co-workers who have for many years poured their hearts, minds, and passion into the success of this organization. Each individual provides great value to their team and to our customers.

We constantly renew our focus on The High Philosophy—ensuring that our values and culture are reflected in all that we do. We believe that each co-worker should feel that they have the ability to influence the organization in ways which help to achieve these long-term goals. Our values and our culture are of great importance to us.

As we keep a focus on these issues, we also reach out for input from consultants who specialize in working with other large and successful family businesses. We benchmark our progress and constantly evaluate where we are going and how we will get there. We seek continuous improvement in all that we do. With a clear vision and an outstanding team of co-workers who are committed to The High Philosophy, we are looking forward to the next 100 years.

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